Meet Life Coach Michelle

Principle Michelle is a Certified Christian Life Coach, a Master Teacher, and a middle school leader who has worked with middlers and high school students for half her life. From as far back as her young adult years, she has had a passion for helping others. Whether serving her country in the United States Air Force, her local church and community, or teaching in various schools throughout the United States, Michelle has generously shared her time, talents, and treasure with others. Now, it is her life’s mission.

At the heart of who she is, lies her values: relationships, balance, honesty, and commitment. These core values have served her well and are evident to all who meet her. 

Strong relationships are vital to successfully navigating life’s journey, and it requires that you listen more than you talk. Michelle learned the art of listening and lingering from growing up in southwest Louisiana, where porches were her podium and life lessons were shared through the power of story. These two superpowers are what make Michelle a great leader and coach. 

Equally important is balance (or equilibrium). A life that is balanced is a fruitful one. The right mix of hard work, play time, reflection, and alone time is difficult to achieve at times, but that mix is necessary for living your best life. When your life is unbalanced, the result is stress, anxiety, or even physical pain. Principle Michelle lives a balanced life and teaches others to do the same — that includes saying No to things that cause imbalance. 

Honesty is the best policy or so the saying goes. Scripture also tells us that the truth shall set you free. Michelle is fair and honest with her clients;  it’s a staple in building strong relationships. A partnership built on half-truths or lies is in imminent danger of crumbling, but a relationship that is built on honesty at its foundation, lasts.

Last on the list but vital to relationship building is commitment.  Principle Michelle is committed to passionately serving her clients. The work ethic she espouses is described in Colossians 3:23 — “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” A commitment like this guarantees honesty, balance, and strong relationships.

Allow Principle Michelle to walk alongside you and to help you to blaze a trail to excellence. Drop her a line at to schedule your FREE 30-minute Discovery Call or Book It Now.

The presentation was wonderful! Life Coach Michelle really engaged all students, parents, and coalition members present. The presentation really made everyone realize how we present ourselves to the public and areas [that] need to be refined. Our students were able to respond to all questions and enjoyed the activities throughout the evening. Students felt the time went by quickly and are looking forward to her return and continuing where we left off — from personal branding to vision casting.

Debbie Turner

Michelle Malone is a savvy, action-oriented, business-minded mover with an empathic heart who both encourages and jump starts her clients to desired results! She has the patience to counsel a client through clearing out the obstacles of mental clutter that keep you bound but, at the same time, gently and firmly hold you accountable to self-assigned goals. She has been both a lifeline and a Godsend in my pursuit of long delayed visions. I highly recommend Michelle as a coach if you are anxious to get beyond dreaming and move forward to doing!

Tina Jones Gwynn