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Did You Plan to Fail?

Nearly every person I know is a planner and has a planner. If not for these organizational whizzes, there would be no need for businesses that allow you to customize your own planners each year. I must admit that I marvel at those who can sandwich their lives in between colorful sleeves and onto decorative pages — all neatly captured between two beautifully-crafted ┬ácovers — events noted on various dates — highlighted, underscored, and stickered in place. They’re almost too pretty to move around, modify, or delete altogether.

The truth is that the best-laid plans often go awry even with the vision of the most persnickety planner. So, what do you do when the plan falls apart or just never seems to come together? An obvious answer might be Get back up and start over; however, we all have been found guilty of just giving up. It’s easy to give up, but the thought of leaving all your hard work on the floor haunts you — causing anxiety and sleepless nights.

Fortunately, a failed plan isn’t the end of the world. It can be, however, the beginning of a whole new world filled with possibilities. Seeking the support of a Life Coach to walk alongside you as you begin vision casting is essential to stretching further, digging deeper, and seeing past your perceived boundaries. That plan you created had lots of obstacles, but instead of accounting for them, you looked past them. In reality, looking past them isn’t as easy when that obstacle is sitting right in front of you — nose-to-nose. Talking out your plans with someone other than yourself will greatly increase your success rate. In the event that your plan starts to fall apart, you’ll have a trusted Coach to help you regroup and put the pieces back twogether — nice and snug.

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You Are Here

Have you ever been at an unfamiliar mall and tried looking for a map? Once you get there, you look for the spot on the map that reads You are here. By looking around at your surroundings, you can see what’s near you and what’s a little further away. What you can’t see are all those stores and restaurants in the distance. That’s where the map comes in handy. It’s a great tool for seeing what else is in the mall and how far away you are from all those places.

Having an awareness of exactly where you are is important. Knowing where you want to go is just as important, but you need to have a map of sorts, a plan, and the will to go where you said you wanted to go. Coaching is a lot like this mall scenario. Coaching clients are sometimes stuck and can’t figure out where they are or why they’re stuck. That’s the ideal time to seek the support of a Life Coach who can listen intently and ask relevant questions to assess exactly where you are and why you’re stuck there. ┬áTogether, you and your coach can begin to get you unstuck and moving in the direction of your goal. It’s not easy, but an investment in your future is priceless. As always, we’re Better Twogether.