Coaching 101, Faith, Waiting

Wait For It – Day 1

A couple days ago, I stopped at a local cafe to grab breakfast and a few healthy snacks. This little shop is in my neighborhood and less than one block from the interstate. I love sitting out on the patio when time permits because it’s tranquil — nestled in nature and a prime spot for divine appointments.

That day, I was in a hurry. I was running late, and I had to take a different route to work. Not knowing how long it would actually take me to get there or how many obstacles I might encounter, I was a little anxious. Just as I pulled out of my parking space, two little ladies began walking in front of my car without a care in the world. One held the other’s hand to insure that they could navigate the path to the curb up ahead. They may have been sisters or best friends, and their bond was evident.

Ordinarily, I would’ve been annoyed that they had no regard for my time, but I was so convicted in that moment and reveled in the opportunity to see what waiting can afford you. In my case, it reminded me to slow down. It also reminded me of my favorite verse from Ecclesiastes 4 that states Two are better than one. Though I have profound head knowledge of this verse and all that it encompasses, my heart knowledge was edified in that moment — thanks to God’s beautiful illustration of the reward for waiting.

Coach’s NoteIf you have sown seeds, you must wait for the harvest, but don’t just sit around waiting. Continue to sow. Take time to water. Make time to nurture. Get ready for a bumper crop of blessings.