Learning Log 1

You learn something new everyday if you allow your mind, heart, and spirit to be receptors of what’s new. One of my favorite classrooms is Nature. You can learn a lot from Nature — its plants and its animals.

During the month of December 2018, God allowed me to preview and try out a few new ways of doing his work — starting with prayer. I’ve been on my knees, on my face, lying down, and dozing off — not sure if the latter is actually a prayer posture. All I know is that I give it all I’ve got each day no matter the time of prayer or the posture. Lately, I have turned a routine walk with my dog along my neighborhood trail into a prayer posture.

I’m reminded of my own words from a talk I gave on my birthday last year, and it’s reverberating in my head at this very moment.

Sometimes you’re going to look silly when doing God’s work, and the world won’t understand. It’s ok if they laugh. Keep circling.

I smile about that preview in particular because I know I look silly as I’m walking and praying out loud or singing the song that’s on my heart. No one needs to know what’s going on in my bubble during those times. I’m protected as he covers me with his feathers and takes me under his wings of refuge. His shield of faithfulness is all that I need. His wings are wide and long enough for you as well. Let him shelter you from all the fiery darts headed your way. You can’t survive them without him.

What have you learned from Nature? Take a walk today and learn from the Master’s Teacher. May the peace that has eluded you fall fresh upon your face this day and always. Happy New Year, and may blessings abound!